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Course Name Solaris Admin Course
Type Class Room & Online training
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  • Software Developers
  • Professionals from ETL background
  • Big Data professionals
  • Professionals from Analytics background
  • Graduates looking for a career in PySpark.

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Solaris Admin Course Course Information

In Tsofttech all trainers are well experts and providing training with practically..Here we are teaching from basic to advance. Our real time trainers fulfill your dreams and create professionally driven environment. In Solaris Admin Course training we are providing sample live projects, materials, explaining real time scenarios, Interview skills…We are providing Best Solaris Admin Course in Hyderabad, India

Why Tsofttech For Solaris Admin Course?

Tsofttech is a best training center for Solaris Admin Course given corporate trainings to different reputed companies. In Solaris Admin Course training all sessions are teaching with examples and with real time scenarios. We are helping in real time how approach job market, Resume preparation, Interview point of preparation, how to solve problem in projects in job environment, information about job market etc.

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Solaris Admin Course CONTENTS:


  • Understanding different hosts in Solaris Environment
  • Understanding types of servers and clients in Solaris Environment


  • Understanding CDE environment on Sun-Solaris
  • Installation of Sun-Solaris on SPARC and INTEL
  • Installation on standalone
  • Network installation


  • Introduction to file system
  • Understanding different types of file systems
  • Creating a file system using format command
  • Converting the file system to UFS using newfs
  • Mounting and un-mounting file systems
  • Understanding vfstab and mnttab files
  • Inconsistency checking using fsck
  • Troubleshooting file systems with fsck


  • Understanding types of groups
  • Creating groups, modifying and deleting
  • Creating users, modifying and deleting
  • Administration of initialization files and customizing
  • Monitoring of users
  • Understanding password aging
  • Advance file permissions using ACL
  • RBAC with RBAC and administer can assign privileged functions to specific user accounts
  • System security
  • Troubleshooting


  • Understanding booting process on SPARC & INTEL
  • Understanding commands under OK prompt


  • Understanding different types of run levels
  • Understanding default run level and customizing
  • Understanding R-C scripts
  • Adding and modifying run control scripts ( R-C scripts )
  • Understanding different types of shutdown commands
  • Changing the init phases
  • Troubleshooting


  • Understanding different types of file systems like UFS, PCFS, NFS, HSFS, CACHEFS, AUTOFS, UDFS, LOFS
  • Mounting and un-mounting CD’s
  • Troubleshooting


  • Understanding types of backups
  • Understanding various file backups using tar, cpio, dd
  • Creation of snap shot for backups
  • Understanding backup levels and backup strategies
  • Understanding file system backups using ufsdump, ufsrestore
  • Performing full / incremental / cumulative backups
  • Performing local / remote backup restore


  • At jobs
  • Cron jobs


  • Creating quotas for users by allocating disk space for user home directory


  • Adding internal and external swap areas
  • Creating static and dynamic swap swap areas


  • Understanding standalone daemons and transient daemons


  • Adding the packages, verifying the packages and checking the packages, pkgadd , pkgrm, pkginfo, pkgchk, pkgparam, spooling commands.


  • Understanding and implementing ping, telnet, rlogin, rcp, rsh, rup and ftp, ssh & scp
  • Understanding and communicating remote Unix servers using rlogin
  • Implementing trusted relationship between users of remote servers


  • Understanding and configuring NFS server and NFS client
  • Understanding different files, daemons, commands at NFS server and NFS client
  • Configuring auto-mount with direct and indirect mapping
  • Configuring cachefs over NFS with statistics


  • Configuring ftp server with real and anonymous users
  • Understanding security files
  • Naming services overview
  • Understanding network information service (NIS)
  • Configuring NIS master , NIS slave, NIS clients
  • Understanding difference between NIS and NIS+


  • Managing syslog messages
  • Exploring different facilities and error messages


  • Introducing delegates
  • Working with Events
  • Introducing Generics
  • Generics and Arrays


  • Custom jumpstart installation


  • Understanding domain naming service
  • Configuring primary DNS server, Secondary DNS server, and DNS clients

  • DHCP

  • Configuring DHCP server and DHCP client


  • Configuring samba server for sharing files between Unix to Unix and Unix to windows
  • Configuring samba web administration tool(swat)


  • Configuring DHCP server and DHCP client


  • Introduction to SVM
  • Introduction to online disk 4.2 version(ODS), configuration of solstice online disk suite(4.2)
  • Implementation of online disk suite with raid levels (0, 1,0+1 &5)
  • Extending meta device size with growfs
  • Troubleshooting

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